Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

MailPort offers a possibility to let your Facebook Messenger audience subscribe to your existing MailChimp mailing list. For each Messenger subscriber, MailPort generates a pseudo email address which is added to your MailChimp list. When sending out campaigns via MailChimp, your existing email subscribers will still get your newsletter via email, users subscribed via Messenger (MailPort) will receive this newsletter as a Messenger messages. HTML emails will be translated into webviews, plain text emails will be plain text messages in Messenger.
Your Messenger users need to opt-in to be added to your MailChimp mailing list.

I can't sign up / log in.

Due to recent changes of Facebook's policy regarding 3rd party providers for Messenger experiences, we are not able to offer this service in a way we feel comfortable providing such. We are working on making this service open source. You can subscribe here for updates.

How can users opt-in on Messenger?

Currently there are two ways how your Messenger subscribers can opt-in to receive your MailChimp newsletter in Messenger.

How can I grow my subscriber list on Messenger?

One of the first things you can do is configuring the Welcome Sequence to show new conversations that they can now subscribe within Messenger. You can also add an option to subscribe in the Conversation Menu in the Configure Menu tab. This menu is available to all conversations at any time.

Can I send messages on Messenger to my existing MailChimp email subscribers?

No. Only subscribers who subscribed via Messenger will receive your newsletter in Messenger. Existing email subscriber will continue to receive your newsletter via email.

Can I message or automatically subscribe people who liked my Facebook Page?

No, you can’t. Your users have to opt-in to receive updates from your Facebook Page via Messenger. This can be done via the Welcome Sequence or the Conversation Menu.

How does an email in Messenger look like?

HTML emails will open a webview on Messenger, plain text emails will be shown as simple text messages on Messenger.
▶️ Watch the demo on Youtube

Can I add multiple Facebook Pages to a single MailPort account?

Yes. Just click on your Page name at the top left and then on "+ Add a new Page" or here.

How can I deactivate MailPort for my Facebook Page?

Go the the Settings tab and click "Disconnect this Facebook Page".


I don't see any of my pages or the page I want to connect after I import my Facebook Pages

Please make sure you have full admin rights for the page you want to connect.

My Messenger subscribers don't get added to my MailChimp list

Please check the required fields of your mailing list. You can find these settings in your list in Settings > List fields and *|MERGE|* tags. Please make sure that only Email Address (*|EMAIL|*), First Name (*|FNAME|*) and Last Name (*|LNAME|*) are required.

MailPort is not responding to users' messages or newsletters from MailChimp are not sent to Messenger

This can have several reasons:

  • You haven't accepted all permissions we asked for when importing your Facebook Pages
  • Your Access Token / Facebook session is not valid anymore. This can be e.g. due to an password change of one of the page admins.
To refresh all permissions, please follow this link and click the "Import Facebook Pages" button

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