MailChimp meets Messenger Marketing

Connect your MailChimp mailing list to your Facebook Page and start growing your subscriber list in Messenger.

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Mar 14, 1:59 PM
The Messenger - Issue #1

Facebook Messenger

Connect your existing Facebook Page with just a few clicks.
Link your existing MailChimp mailing list to your Page - no coding required.
Start with Messenger Marketing

Facebook Messenger
Users subscribe in Messenger
Users are automatically added to your MailChimp list
MailPort automatically translates your email to a Messenger message

Powerful tools
MailPort gives you powerful tools to grow your Messenger audience and convert them into subscribers.
Manage subscribers automatically
MailPort automatically takes care of your MailChimp subscriber management, so you don't have to worry about that.
Messenger Marketing done right
Keep your current workflow with MailChimp. Just set it up once and send newsletters to your Messenger subscribers from MailChimp.

Facebook Messenger

Unleash the power of Messenger Marketing

Messenger is one of the most used messaging apps worldwide with over 1 billion monthly active users.

Use Facebook Messenger as a new Marketing channel and as an add-on to your existing Email Marketing tool. Make use of an engaging channel which your audience already uses everyday, has an average of 80% open rate and 4-10 higher CTRs than traditional channels like email.


active users


open rates



No programming required.

Connect your Facebook Page with just a few clicks and get started with Messenger Marketing
- no code needed.

Build a new Marketing channels in minutes

MailPort works on any public Facebook Page.
Create an account now and start growing your mailing list with Messenger Marketing.